Why Raising is a Better Option than Calling

The fact that in online Poker games there are ways you can automate your response to a call and raise shows just how casually these elements are approached in the game. The fact is that they can make a huger financial difference, and it most instances, raising is the better option among the two.

One of the reasons why calling is a preferred option among a lot of new Poker players, especially online, is that it is a cheaper way of staying in the game, and is less risky. Very often this is the tactic of new players, or those who are very tight and unwilling to let go of their stack, but still want to remain in the game.

So they only raise when they have a premium hand in the flop. This is a poor Poker strategy. Number one, you will not always get premium hands on the flop, and second, by raising only when you have the highest hand, you will be very predictable and thus an easy target.

And very rarely will you win the pot with this approach; in most cases you will simply be contributing to the amount that another player will win. It is for this reason that calling stations are easy prey for a lot of the sharks in the game.

The right Poker strategy therefore, is to raise pre flop whenever you have the opportunity. Calling in pre flop is wrong as can get out in trouble quickly. By raising instead, you will establish control of the flow of the game. When you raise, you eliminate the other players quickly, thus giving you a much better chance of snaring that pot.

When you have the Poker hands, you should always try to raise, but of course, there will be times when on occasion, you will want to limp in, just to give your game some traces of unpredictability. But most of the time, you should raise. You will see them fold quickly and thus make it easier for you to develop and get those winning hand combinations that will give you even more control of the hand.

In Poker, always remember that the ones with the initiative always have the advantage. Do not be a follower, just simply going where the action leads. Play only the select hands, and when you do get them, raise and watch as the others drop out and you take the pot easily.