Virtual Poker Tells it All

A lot of experienced poker players in a live casino mostly rely in the "tells", which is referred to as an action by an opponent that helps tip their hand. You may have seen poker players wearing sunglasses inside a covered casino hall playing a poker game. This is not for the purpose of protecting the eyes from the bright lights of the casino, but rather this is to avoid any slip chance that other players may guess their gestures that would somehow end up giving a weak or strong hand to their opponents.

There are few virtual tells which can help you tip the hand of your opponents when you are playing online poker. A tell of a newbie are the easy to spot. They most often bet in a weak hand and holds on strongly to a string hand. If you would take note of their behaviors and gestures in the early part of the game, this may help you take hands in the later part. The moment that you ave spotted the beginner in your group, use their behavior in helping you build the pot to your strong hand and allow them to use their strategy to your refined play and help them fish few players. This situation is ideal in an online table with novices surrounding you in which all of them are using the same techniques. This is a good advantage for you because they are helping build the odds to your favor.

The speed of the play is another factor that would help you recognize the tells of your opponents. Quick bet is a sign of a weak hand which delaying a bet signifies a strong hand. Basically a delayed bet will tell you that the other player calculates his strategy. Remember to regularly take note of the hand of the player when he makes a quick bet and the cards that he held when making delayed bets.

Auto play is another way to sort out virtual tells. Some online casinos utilizes the use of check boxes like call any, raise any and fold. You can spot an auto play when the bets are coming in seconds just after the player who made a bet before another. Remember that a "raise any" signifies a strong hand, a "check" signifies a weak hand and "call any" signifies that the player is in vain waiting for a miracle hand. Always be aware of the patterns of betting of some players, this would greatly help you decipher the tells especially when playing online.