Adam Schoenfeld Needs No Charmed Objects to Succeed in Poker

Some poker professionals bring stuff at poker tables that, according to them, is a symbol of good luck. There is a poker professional who brings an orange at poker tables as a sign of luck. Soon thereafter, several poker professionals have started to bring other kinds of fruits at poker tables, stating that those are also their lucky charms. Some poker professionals bring stuff toys, but the poker public believes that bringing stuff toys is more like an act of irritating opponents rather than lucky charms. There are also some poker professionals who do not bring anything at all at poker tables. They believe that mere concentration on the game and applying playing techniques correctly are already enough to make them successful.

This is probably the belief of poker professional Adam Schoenfeld because you will never see him bring anything when he is at the poker table facing his opponents. He just brings with him confidence and skills that are enough to make him succeed in every poker game he participates in.

Adam Schoenfeld does not bring with him any lucky charm at poker tables, but he never fails to display humorous and comedic acts. Sometimes, his opponents even feel that they are watching a stand-up comedy instead of playing poker. This poker professional loves to crack jokes but he makes sure that he does not offend his opponents. He only uses good humor which eventually makes his opponents comfortable playing with, or rather against, him.

Before Adam Schoenfeld became a poker professional, he was a reporter of the Associated Press and investor. Such professions allowed him to be skillful in observing a situation before instigating an action. It seems like he has been applying such skill in the poker world.

Since 2001, Adam Schoenfeld has been continuously raking remarkable feats in the poker industry. At the Austrian Masters and World Heads Up Championship, this poker professional reached the final table at fourth place. He also reached the final table of a No Limit Hold'em event featured at the United States Poker Championship.

Adam Schoenfeld has also had several notable accomplishments in 2002 but the most admirable one was when he emerged as the first prize winner at the 2nd Annual Linda Johnson Celebrity Challenge. It was held on June 29.

Couch potato is how Adam Schoenfeld describes himself. Among the things that he loves to do most are watching television and sleeping. As a matter of fact, the favorite television program of this poker professional is "Curb Your Enthusiasm."

He also writes poker articles for "Card Player" magazine. With his successes, we don't think he still needs lucky charms.