The DEF Poker Jargons

There are so many Poker terms to learn which one can encounter while playing in a poker match. Here, we will discuss a few of these terms from D, to F!

Dark: This term would describe the action taken prior to receiving info on which a player would usually be entitled to.

Dead hand: This would refer to a player's hand which isn't entitled to participating in a deal because of a certain reason like being fouled upon touching someone else's cards or being seen to possess a wrong amount of cards, among many others.

Deadwood: This term would refer to the "muck".

Deal: This means that the dealer distributes cards to the players in compliance with the rules of the poker game. It may also refer to the agreement by those involved, to split the prize money of the tournament which varies from what is suggested from announced payouts.

Dealer: He or she is the person that deals the cards.

Donkey: May be a term used to describe a foolish or unskilled poker player. In turn, "donk" would mean that a player plays a hand poorly.

Early position: This term "position" would refer to the order wherein players are sat round the poker table. So by saying "early position", this would pertain to the players who are the first to act in the game.

Eight or better: This jargon would refer to a common qualifier in games that make use of Ace-five ranking, in a high-low split game. Only the hands wherein the eight is the highest card can win a low portion of a pot.

Equity: This is a player's mathematically expected value in the deal at hand which is calculated by means of multiplying the pot money by the player's winning probability.

Exposed card: Is a reference to a card which was not meant to be revealed to players but was revealed anyway, be it a deliberate or accidental move.

Family pot: This refers to a deal wherein every player that is seated on the poker table has called the beginning opening bet of the tournament.

Fast: A term that refers to a player's aggressiveness in playing poker.

Fifth Street: In card games played in social gatherings or community card games, this would refer to the final card that is dealt on the board. But it may also mean the fifth card to be given to every player in a stud poker game. There are many more poker terms that a player must be familiar with. Learning the aforementioned jargons above is only the beginning and there are many more to go!