Poker on TV

Poker has taken over the homes of millions of families in almost all corners of the globe. With the airing of poker on television, millions can now enjoy and witness how the pros and masters play the game. With the advertisements on Texas Hold'em game schedules, more and more people are becoming interested on poker being aired on television.

The popularity of poker has seized the interest, not only of the regular fans, but corporations and major companies as well. Funding for poker tournaments can reach up to millions of dollars and this is a good motivation for would-be players who wanted to try their luck on the events.

Other industries such as mobile gaming and software businesses have employed the game of poker into their products. Internet deals are also being made to broadcast the events. There are also television shows based on poker and charity events benefit from these tournaments with the help of network television.

Women are also finding interest on playing the tables as well as magazines that feature several poker versions including Texas Hold'em. There are other countless venues for advertising and promoting poker, and many people are becoming more interested and involved.

With the growing number of poker players in the US, many corporations are more than willing to fund for the tournament when ratings began shooting up as a result of the public's interest in the game.

ESPN's poker viewers rose 300%, from 408 thousand in 2004 to 1.3 million in 2004. With the World Series of Poker that broadcasted in 2005, over 2 million viewers per episode were estimated to have witnessed the tournament on television. This made the network more interested and increased their airing to more than 200 countries.

Poker shows like Celebrity Poker and Poker at the Plaza also have high ratings. Online poker sites are also turning into a billion dollar industry with the online satellite tournaments involving huge amounts of prizes.

The states of North Dakota, Georgia and Illinois have shown their interest on the growing popularity and revenue that poker tournaments have been generating by working on legalizing online poker. England is also working on allowing casinos to take bets from U.S. citizens through the internet.

Poker promoters believe that the airing of poker tournaments have positive effects and influence on the families and society. Most of the pros and masters agree on this since they themselves admit of learning poker at an early age. With proper guidance from families, kids could be trained and become pros.

The increasing popularity of the game stirred many concerned parties and they are very vocal on their opinion that gambling creates addiction. The issue caused many land-based casinos to offer their help in promoting healthy gambling, support and assistance for gambling addiction.

With the legalization of online poker and the rising of poker tournament as an industry, everybody wins.