Got a Poker Quote?

Poker enthusiasts like me have gone into just more than simply playing poker. For the past months, I have looked into numerous online poker sites, browsed poker magazines on the internet and have watched more movies in poker than I have watched in my entire life. Even poker quotations could not escape my thirst for poker, and two of my favorite ones are here:

"Gambling: The sure way of getting nothing from something."

This poker quotation came from Mr. Wilson Mizner. It tells about the gambling and poker business. According to him, gambling in general doesn't benefit anybody. I choose to disagree with Mr. Mizner here. First of all, many have already won millions of dollars in poker tournaments.

Others even earn their loving through poker. How come can Mizner say that you get nothing out of something when you gamble? May be, he chooses only to see the cases of problem gamblers. It is true, there are people who have fallen into great debts because of poker, but not everyone.

Others who are more responsible and disciplined get to enjoy their time and money in all the aspects of their lives, not just in poker. They know how to balance everything, and it is not impossible to achieve that. What's more is that even if you do lose in poker, the only thing you are really losing is the money.

You have earned other things, like valuable lessons. You can use these lessons in the next poker games that you will play. Clearly, not everything is lost in poker or in gambling, you gain more experience, and probably also the friendships of people you play with.

If I disagreed with the first quotation, I now totally agree with the next one, which is:

"Cards are war, in disguise of a sport."

This quotation is from Charles Lamb. This is especially true in poker, where players battle it out in the poker table. Poker is not just like any other gambling game which uses pure luck to win. You need weapons in poker to take home the pot. You need to have good decision-making skills, you must have guts to play your cards, and you must have the ability to fight your emotions.

These are your weapons, your guns, that you will use to get the victory away from your opponents in poker. You also have to study your opponents' tactics so that you will be able to form strategies that would beat them.