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Today more and more people are playing Texas Holdem, it is probably the most popular of all card games with more than 74 millions fans around the world. 'Texas Holdem' is being searched by more than 10 million individuals every day at search engines such as Google or Yahoo. Some would claim that the current Texas Holdem craze is due to the modernizing of the sports media – where you can now watch poker tournaments at all hours of the day, but the main reason for the sudden rise in the popularity of Texas Holdem is the many poker heroes that promote the game on at online poker sites.

Who haven't heard about Chris Moneymaker, the notorious winner of the World Series of Poker in 2003? Chris Moneymaker hit headlines all across the world as he won millions of dollars without being a professional poker player. He simply watched a poker-movie and decided to "give it a shot". Chris Moneymaker is a modern hero. A person who made the American Dream comes true, not only to himself but also to millions of dreamers around the world (you can view his story at his personal site:

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